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Lucideon Expands 2018 Refractories Training Programme to the Glass Industry

Lucideon has announced the expansion of its training schedule to include a two day refractories module for the glass industry.

The two-day course ‘Refractories for the Glass Industry’ the Lucideon headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent covers glass furnaces on day one and regenerators on day two, looking at the parts, conditions, requirements and refractory types required.

The training is ideal for anyone in involved in the selection of refractories from across the glass industry workforce, including designers, installers, process leaders, production and manufacturing operatives, maintenance teams, purchasing teams, material scientists or chemical and process engineers, R&D, quality and laboratory technicians, technical teams.

Attendees will gain the necessary knowledge, enabling them to transfer the learning into their day to day activities.

Jan Theron, refractories training tutor at Lucideon said:

“The performance of refractories in the glass manufacturing process is key to overall performance including quality, energy efficiency and economical performance.  The new module will enable attendees to go back to their workplace with an understanding of the principles of refractories in the glass industry.

The course content covers the applications, constraints and characteristics, the critical properties and the interactions between refractory and glass”

Lucideon plans to offer refractories training with an international expansion of the training 2018/2019.

Lucideon also provides in-house refractories training solutions that are specifically suited to your needs, giving you the flexibility to arrange the content, times and location best suited to your organisation.

To find out more about the courses and/or to register your interest, please click here.

Alternatively, please contact Caroline Mullington, Technology Partnership Manager: +44 (0)1782 764422 or caroline.mullington@lucideon.com.

08 March, 2018

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