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Lucideon Becomes a ‘Buildoffsite’ Member

Lucideon has become a member of Buildoffsite, the UK-based business organisation that promotes innovation and off-site solutions for the construction industry.

Buildoffsite provides a networking and knowledge transfer mechanism to promote innovation through continuous improvement in materials use, process design and construction methods.  Being a member of Buildoffsite allows Lucideon to liaise with the construction industry through a new channel as the sector looks to the future of advanced technology and sustainable processes and materials.

Dr Geoff Edgell, Director and Principal Construction Consultant at Lucideon, said: “Buildoffsite are offering a community styled collaboration for all areas of the construction industry.  We think that approach will help to promote innovation and eagerness between businesses in order to reach goals set for the construction industry.

“The task ahead for the construction industry is substantial.  We need to become more innovative to reduce carbon emissions, material waste and finding sustainable materials to work with.  For that reason alone it’s important for the industry to have a network where ideas can be shared to help realise the overall needs of the sector”.

For more about Buildoffsite, visit www.buildoffsite.com

14 September, 2015

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