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Lucideon’s Work with Innovative Materials is Published in Horizon Magazine

Lucideon coordinates the EU funded ReBioStent project, which has recently been featured in Horizon magazine.  The project, which involved a number of industry and academic partners, aims to develop materials that could replace conventional stents with ones that dissolve harmlessly in the body once their function is complete.

Horizon, a leading industry magazine for EU research and innovation, interviewed Dr Xiang Zhang, ‘Principal Consultant at Lucideon and Royal Society Industry Fellow at University of Cambridge’ who is leading Lucideon’s co-ordination of the project.  Lucideon has developed new polymer based materials with the aim of using them to develop improved stents.  The new material is more biocompatible with the human body, compared to traditional metal stents.  The idea is to avoid issues such as blood clotting, rejection of the material and the need to remove/replace the stent through further surgery.  The materials will then break down into components which can be harmlessly resorbed by the body.

Dr Xiang Zhang, said:

“The project has been a great success so far with many promising advances.  The technology will meet a very real need within the healthcare industry to address the shortcomings of current metallic stents.  They will offer a safer solution for patients while providing all of the same benefits.  It’s great to have Horizon magazine take an interest in the project and help to bring this innovative work to the attention of its readership.”

To view the full Horizon article with Dr Zhang please visit Horizon's website

30 May, 2016

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