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Lucideon Expands Offering to Include Gleeble Testing

Lucideon is pleased to announce that it has added Gleeble testing to its materials characterization and metallurgy research services. 

The Gleeble is a unique research platform that simulates the high temperature processes and applications necessary for developing new alloys and manufacturing processes.

Access to Gleeble testing creates a competitive advantage for organizations that produce or rely on high performance metals.  Gleeble data allows researchers to improve material performance, optimize processes, minimize failures and accelerate R&D efforts. 

With this new capability, Lucideon is the first ISO 17025 accredited commercial laboratory for Gleeble testing services in North America. 

Lucideon's Gleeble testing service is based in Raleigh, NC, with facilities in Schenectady, NY, Greenville, SC, and the United Kingdom, and the company is renowned for its materials expertise in metals, polymers, ceramics and composites.  With a backbone in technology development, R&D, testing and assurance, its team of experts specialize in supporting manufacturers throughout the supply chain.

Gleeble was originally a welding research tool used to study weld heat affected zones (HAZ), Gleeble equipment now also supports research in hot deformation, casting/melting, semi-solid working, CCT/TTT, heat treatment, strip annealing, torsion and multi-axis forging. 

Brent Holloway, Lucideon's Director of Sales & Marketing, said:

"While the extensive list of applications is ideal for organizations with diverse research interests, many organizations have difficulty justifying the capital expenditure, until the value of the machine is demonstrated in their own projects.  Bringing Gleeble testing into the wide range of characterization and analysis that we offer will provide an avenue for more organizations to have access to the equipment.

"We are sure that our clients will benefit greatly from the data generated on Gleeble systems as well as from the analysis and interpretation of this data by our experts."

With ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, Lucideon offers speedy turnaround times and a high degree of confidentiality.  In addition, Gleeble analysis can be augmented by Lucideon's wide-ranging metallurgical services, to help clients better understand their materials.

02 May, 2017

Gleeble Testing

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