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Ceramics Continue to Impress in Aerospace and Defense

Report from Ceram highlights the crucial role ceramic materials will play in the continued advancement of aerospace and defence technologies.

Ceram has published a free report providing insight into the growth of ceramics in the aerospace and defence industries and the crucial role this material plays in the development of innovative technologies in these sectors. The report looks at the use and development of high impact, high temperature and thermal coating ceramics and the trends that can be seen in these areas. Topics such as the light-weighting of personnel armour through improvements in ballistic performance, and the challenges inherent in testing ultra high temperature ceramics are also covered.

Ceram has a history of more than 80 years working with ceramics for a broad range of industry sectors. Titled The Growth of Ceramics in Aerospace and Defence, the report incorporates the Company's extensive experience in the development of materials and fabrication processes for ceramic armour systems and advanced ceramics for the aerospace and defence industries. The report outlines the properties that make ceramic materials suitable for use in various aerospace and defence applications, either as part of sophisticated multi-material systems, or in applications where their unique capabilities make them the only candidates for the job. It also highlights the challenges that the industry now faces if we are to continue to develop these materials in order to meet the demands of the next generation of aerospace and defence technologies.

“Ceramics are used in an astonishingly broad range of applications in the aerospace and defence industries,” commented John Cotton, Business Development Manager, Aerospace & Defence, at Ceram. “Whether it’s in an armour system or on a rocket nozzle, or the leading edgeof a hypersonic missile, there are unique demands that are made of the material, which must be met by careful design and formulation. We have been working with ceramics since Ceram began in 1920, and have worked with many innovators on the development and testing of new ceramic materials and the applications of them. This is a very exciting time for both aerospace and defence, with pressures to develop new technologies to address both environmental regulatory challenges and the need for continued innovation in defence.”

The Growth of Ceramics in Aerospace and Defence provides manufacturers, suppliers and users of advanced ceramics with an expert’s insight into the demands placed on ceramic materials in aerospace and defence applications, and the solutions that today’s ceramics provide. The report also considers the trends that can be seen in the development of ceramic materials for this industry sector and the advances in material properties that might be seen in the future.

The white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

16 November, 2009

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