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Ceram Releases CCSII Mini Colour Standards

Ceram is pleased to announce that it has produced a mini version of its CCSII Colour Standards – CCSII Mini Colour Standards.

Ceram's Colour Standards are internationally recognised as the leading set of standards for use in colour measurement and calibration. Produced using leading edge ceramic technology, they are stable, durable, non-fluorescent and easy to use.

The new version of the Colour Standards, CCSII Mini, consists of 1cm square wafers of the twelve CCSII Colours plus a black and a white standard, embedded in a protective assembly that holds them in an area that is the size of a credit card.  The new size enables all fourteen Colour Standards to be visible to optical systems within a field of view that is only 8.5 by 5.5 cm.  This allows the calibration of colour measurement systems to be monitored in the field, as well as in the laboratory.

CCSII Mini Colour Standards can be used for colour calibration in many industries, but are finding particular use for digital camera and imaging systems, machine vision systems and spectrophotometers in print presses.  Paper-based printed standards can be used to calibrate spectrophotometers but these are easily soiled and the colours are not permanent as they are with ceramic colours. 

One of Ceram's customers who is using the mini version is caddon color technology GmbH, manufacturers of multispectrophotometers.  Dr Arndt Glowinski, Managing Director of caddon color technology GmbH commented: “The convenience that these Colour Standards offer for day-to-day monitoring of accuracy is fantastic, the integration of these Colour Standards into our systems has added a great deal of value to our offering.”

Sean Hillman, Business Manager at Ceram, was integral in the development of the CCSII Mini Colour Standards.  He says: “We are delighted to have been able to develop this product to meet such a useful technological need. We are certain that there are many similar commercial applications that will be able to exploit this development to their own benefit.”

Ceram’s basic range of Colour Standards comprises twelve glazed ceramic tile standards: three neutral grey for checking photometric linearity, seven chromatic standards for checking spectral response and two colour difference standards - providing a direct check on colour difference measurement for repeatability purposes.

Customized Colour Standards, often required by retail manufacturers to monitor colour continuity in specific product lines, are also available from Ceram.

04 August, 2009

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