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Ceram Now Offers Microbiology Testing

Ceram has announced that it is now offering microbiology testing services for the healthcare industries thanks to a partnership with a leading UK microbiological testing lab.

Complementing Ceram's existing non-biological materials testing capabilities, the new microbiology testing service means that medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare manufacturers will be able to get all their testing done by one supplier.

In addition to routine bioburden determination, endotoxin/LAL testing and sterility testing and validation, Ceram's suite of tests also include anti-microbial efficacy testing, clean room monitoring and cleaning/disinfectant validation for reusable devices.

Gemma Budd, Product Manager at Ceram, says:
"Adding microbiology testing to our portfolio means that we are quite unique in offering a chemical, physical, surface and microbiological analysis service. What's more, we don't just provide testing for QA/QC and regulatory approval - our materials expertise means that we provide analysis and, most importantly, solutions. So, whether your product is failing or whether you're looking for R&D support for new product development, such as anti-microbial product claims, we can help."

To find out more about Ceram's microbiology testing services click here.

05 March, 2013

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