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Ceram Examines the Future of Stent Materials

The Medical Materials team at Ceram has published a new white paper, ‘Stents - New Materials and Technologies for the Future'.

The paper reviews some of the technology being used in the development of new stents and how, in particular, computational modelling and material formulation and characterization are helping to improve clinical outcomes. It also considers new trends, discussing how polymers, polymer-ceramics and metals, together with nanotechnology, will influence the development of stents in the future.

Dr. Xiang Zhang, Principal Consultant for Medical Materials at Ceram, says:
"At Ceram we are always keen to push the boundaries of what materials can do. We're currently working on developing a range of novel bioglass, resorbable glass and bioceramics, such as nano hydroxyapatites, which could potentially have applications in the area of drug-eluting stent coatings. And we're also investigating whether it's possible to make biodegradable glass or ceramic stents by employing polymer as a binder."

The white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

12 January, 2011

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    Stents - New Materials and Technologies for the Future
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