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Ceram and CyberChrome Create Package to Monitor and Certify Spectrophotometers

Ceram has collaborated with CyberChrome to create a package that facilitates the monitoring and certification of spectrophotometers.

Ceram's Colour Standards and CyberChrome's OnColor Instrument Performance software enables the verification, monitoring, optimization and certification of spectrophotometers, and hence assurance of accurate colour matches.

The combined Ceram-CyberChrome test provides documentation which can be used to validate the performance of spectrophotometers for colour compliance programmes and/or international standards conformance. Each time a test is performed, a report is generated. Reports certify the performance of instruments and compare the results with baseline data to calculate colour differences. The colour differences are compared with pre-set tolerances and a pass/fail assessment is given for each Colour Standard, as well as an average for the entire set.

The package allows organizations to perform regular instrument checks in a wholly repeatable manner and produce meaningful QA reports to record spectrophotometer’s performance over time.

Elaine Becker, Applications & Sales at CyberChrome, commented:

"Instrument manufacturers have long recommended and realized the importance of using stable colour standards such as Ceram's CCS II set, to monitor the performance of a spectrophotometer, to assure that the readings are accurate.  However, up until now, there has not been a simple and direct way to conduct the test and track the results. Ceram's Colour Standards and OnColor Instrument Performance software allows the user to perform a quick and easy test on a regular basis".

To find out more about the Ceram-CyberChrome package, contact Sean Hillman: sean.hillman@lucideon.com or +44 (0)1782 764321.

01 August, 2013

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