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Ceram Helps Aerospace Industry Meet Green Targets

New White Paper Outlines the Important Role of Surface Characterization in the Development of New Technologies.

Ceram, a global expert in materials testing, analysis and consultancy, has published a new white paper outlining how techniques for both the chemical and topographical characterization of surfaces and interfaces can be applied to assist the aerospace industry in reducing its environmental impact. How Surface Characterisation is Helping the Aerospace Industry Achieve Environmental Targets examines the application of surface analysis techniques on composite material development, coating formulation and substrate characterization. This kind of analysis plays an important role in the effort to develop new, ‘greener’ materials, components and technologies for the aerospace industry.

Author of the paper, Dr Chris Pickles, General Manager of Ceram Surface and Materials Analysis, explains: “The green agenda continues to have a strong influence on developments in aerospace. The REACH directive, along with other regulatory pressures, is aiming for the removal of chromium from anti-corrosion coatings by 2013, and fuel burn reduction is driving the development of lighter-weight composites. The understanding of surface and interface functionality underpins many of the technological advances that are supporting these developments, as is described in this white paper.”

The white paper provides an insight into how surface analysis techniques are used both to provide characterization analysis to inform the development of new technologies and materials, and to provide problem-solving investigation of materials that are not performing optimally.

Ceram offers expertise and technologies that specialize in surface and interface analysis; multi-element depth profiling; elemental and molecular imaging; surface topography; materials selection and characterization; verification, validation and manufacturing support and performance/failure evaluation.

The white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

01 August, 2009

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