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Lucideon’s Dr Xiang Zhang to Speak at the 6th China-Europe Symposium

Lucideon will be presenting at the 6th China-Europe Symposium on Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine on 'Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications' with a specific focus on hard tissue materials innovation.

The symposium is taking place from the 21st to the 24th May 2017 in Porto, Portugal, and seeks to bring together professionals from across Europe and China to encourage collaborative relationships around biomaterials with regenerative medical properties.  Lucideon’s presentation will be delivered by Dr Xiang Zhang, principal consultant and head of medical materials at Lucideon.

Dr Xiang Zhang said:

"I am very happy to have been specially invited to speak at this event.  Both Europe and China have a significant impact in global scientific and medical research and collaborative efforts can often lead to exciting new developments as we share information and assist each other's projects. 

"At Lucideon we perform a lot of collaborative work, including participation in many EU projects.  We provide our research and development expertise and state-of-the-art testing and analysis facilities to help our partners develop new and improved materials, methods and products.  We have seen a significant increase in work with Chinese partners over the last couple of years, so this symposium will be of great interest to ourselves and the wider scientific industry."

Lucideon provides expert material development, testing and analysis services to a wide range of industries, including healthcare.  Lucideon also develops a range of in-house materials technologies that are developed, by partnering with industry clients, to produce new and innovative products and solutions.  Lucideon has dedicated laboratory facilities in the UK and USA and accredited laboratories in the Far East, serving a global client base.

02 May, 2017

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