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DoE (Design of Experiments) and Statistical Interpretation of Test Data

Webinar Recording

Using FED (Factorial Experimental Design) to plan and validate experiments, for new product development, product/process optimization and failure analysis applications.

Presented by Dr Gilda Gasparini, Chemical Engineer, and Dr Phil Jackson, Technical Manager, both of Lucideon’s Healthcare division, the webinar focusses on the benefits that design of experiments affords in terms of product optimization, time and cost savings, and yield improvement.

The webinar includes:

  • An introduction to FED
  • Examples of how different design approaches can be selected to accommodate and complement client in-house experience and / or pressures to avoid production down-time
  • A focus on the use of Design Expert ® Software to show how FED analysis is performed.
  • A number of case studies that illustrate how Lucideon has helped provide solutions to common problems faced by industry.

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