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Will Regenerative Medicine Transform Healthcare?

Dr Richard Padbury, one of Lucideon's materials consultants, questions whether regenerative medicine will transform healthcare as we know it.

Imagine if we could cure diseases, rather than simply treat them? Regenerative medicine, according to its exponents, is a revolutionary approach that could potentially do just that, transforming the healthcare industry by improving patient outcomes and enabling long-term economic savings. So what is the outlook for regenerative medicine and what advances can we anticipate in the future? Read on to see Richard's take on some of the challenges and opportunities that this novel approach could take.

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An Approach for Cost Reduction in the Aviation Industry

Within the airline industry, costs are increasing year-on-year, even though suppliers are continually improving process efficiency. Despite the improvements in efficiency, airline operators rarely see any savings.

This article discusses how aftermarket components can reduce costs and also asks why these parts are not more widely used.

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Utilizing Technology for Rational Materials Selection

Material selection is a complex area that is influenced by a number of factors including functionality and performance which ultimately relate back to whether the material can withstand the environmental stresses it will come under.

The methodologies used to select materials are ever-changing and starting to be greatly influenced by technology. Our latest thought leadership article discusses the latest areas of technology that are changing the way we can analyse material properties and the techniques that can impact material selection processes.

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