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Michelle Chen

Expertise in: Consumer healthcare, pharmaceuticals, formulation, claim validation

Technical Sales Consultant

Michelle has spent many years working as a Consumer Healthcare brand scientist for a leading manufacturer in New Jersey prior to joining Lucideon. Michelle helped to develop the pipeline for many of the company's core brands and household name products. From across these brands, she supported upstream development, product development and technical transfer (scale-up).

Michelle Chen

Within the upstream development space, Michelle developed and validated new methodologies to quantify skin cooling after product application. She also focused on innovating consumer-experiential beauty formulations to provide new sensorial attributes, solubilize proprietary active ingredients, and maintain the efficacy of these active ingredients over shelf life. In Michelle's downstream role, she served as the global lead for a harmonized deployment of a household brand in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Michelle led many facets of innovating and deploying new product launches within Consumer Care by mobilizing internal technical and marketing teams to make decisions on the future of the Consumer brands' portfolio. Working with cross-functional teams, she has connected distinct and seemingly irrelevant ideas into a coherent idea to solve formulation challenges and challenges seen in scale-up.

Michelle holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.

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