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Mary Beth Sprott

Expertise in: Environmental analysis, thermal analysis, bench chemistry techniques

Mary Beth has over eighteen years of experience in the environmental analysis of soils, sludges, water, and effluents using a variety of analytical techniques and instrumentation, including AA, ICP-OES, IC, and HPLC

Mary Beth Sprott

Mary Beth performs thermal analysis techniques such as differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), simultaneous differential thermogravimetry (SDT: TGA- DTA-DSC), and thermomechanical analysis (TMA).  These techniques are useful for the determination of filler content in plastics, rubbers and coatings; solidus and liquidus in metals; braze or solder melting properties; moisture content; thermal decomposition temperatures; cure reactions, expansion coefficients, glass transitions, softening and melting behavior, delamination, shrinkage, flexure, and to generate stress/strain diagrams or measure other important material properties for our clients.

Before joining Lucideon, Mary Beth spent 13 years working in the pulp and paper industry performing wet chemical and instrumental analysis.  She also performed fiberline audits at mill sites and was a member of TAPPI's Standards Advisory Review Group. 
Mary Beth has extensive knowledge in method development and with executing a number of industry standard test methods, such as ASTM, NCASI, NIST, IPC, TAPPI, SCAN, EPA, and ISO to analyze materials such as metals, composites, ceramics, organics, polymers and coatings to determine composition, structure and properties.  She holds a Neuroscience Degree.

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