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Lisa Cobden

Expertise in: Tiles; slip resistance

Scientist - Business Unit Leader

Lisa holds a Degree in Applied and Analytical Chemistry and acts as UK Principle Expert for CEN/TC 189 Working Group 1. With over twenty years of experience, she is also an expert witness and independent arbitrator in industrial disputes. Lisa regularly lectures on both Tiles and Slip Resistance at UK and European technical conferences.

Lisa Cobden


Lisa has a wealth of experience establishing the causes of product or installation failure through on-site tile inspections and investigations. The inspections and investigations cover all aspects of specification, workmanship and on-site performance. Lisa's knowledge covers all types of installation, including: internal and external, wall and floor, domestic and commercial. She is also a member of the BSI, European (CEN) and world (ISO) standards committees.

Slip Resistance

As an expert of internal and external on-site slip resistance testing and consultancy, Lisa conducts investigations post-slip incidents, measures slip values after installation to ensure the values remain unchanged once in-situ, appraises floor cleaning/maintenance regimes and the suitability of flooring according to specific environments.

Lisa was a member of the recent SlipStd consortium tasked with steering a European funded project examining new and novel methods for characterising the slip potential of surfaces.

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