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Len Hazell

Expertise in: Failure analysis, advanced materials, coatings, electron microprobe analysis, inorganic chemistry, surface analysis

Principal Scientist

Len is a Physicist with expertise and more than 40 years experience in Surface Science. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, a Doctorate in Electron Interactions on Surfaces from Nottingham University and is a Chartered Physicist and Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Len Hazell

Len has operated as the southern area laboratory manager and has made valuable published contributions in patents and a wide range of topics in Chemistry, Metallurgy and Materials Technologies, authoring over 1000 client reports. He also has a wide experience in XPS, Auger Spectroscopy, LIMA, SEM/EDX, AFM and plasma deposition. He carries out site audits for manufacturing troubleshooting and expert witness work. Len has developed novel technology in optical reflectance, surface treatments and cleanliness measurement on behalf of clients.

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