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Dr. Shalini Akella

Expertise in: Chemistry, medical products and devices, active pharmaceutical ingredients, method development and validation, GMP

Senior Analytical Chemist

Before joining Lucideon, Shalini worked at Herd Mundy Pharmaceutical company as an Analytical Chemist and Scientist. She was involved in developing and validating methods of analysis and analytical testing of active pharmaceutical products in accordance with GMP, global statutory regulations, in particular, cAMPs.

Shalini Akella

During the course of her career, she has gained research and industry experience both in UK and Abroad. In her previous roles after her doctorate, she did her post-doctoral research in conducting and implementing several research projects in Marine sciences with particular reference to Biogeochemistry. To highlight a few of her previous roles in industry, she has worked in Eurofins food testing laboratory, Wolverhampton as an Development Chemist; Exova, Birmingham as an technical leader; Agropharm Limited, Telford as an Analytical Chemist and GLP study Director; Arcadis Geraghty and Miller International limited , Newmarket as an Senior Environmental Chemist and Laboratory Quality systems co-ordinator.

Shalini has been a Registered Scientist of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has published several research papers and abstracts, presented papers in international conferences and has conducted several poster presentations.

Shalini was awarded a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from India and has done her post-doctoral research in Marine Chemistry at the School of Marine Science and Technology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK .

In her role at Lucideon, she will be working as an Senior Analytical Chemist at the GMP Pharmaceutical Chemistry division. Shalini will actively be involved in developing and validating analytical methods involving various pharmaceutical products of interest and importance, analyse client samples and help the team in all aspects of developing the business.

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