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Dr. Richard White

Expertise in: Minerals

Head of Testing

As a highly experienced Geologist, Richard holds a Degree in Geology with Geochemistry and a Geology PhD.  He is a member of CSci MiMMM, a council member and former president of the Western Institute of Mining and Minerals of IoM3 and a MIRefEng(Member of the Institute of Refractory Engineers).

Dr. Richard White

Richard is Head of Testing at Lucideon and has been responsible for running a commercial microscopy laboratory aimed at the interpretation and evaluation of materials for over twenty years.  Richard supervises all of the analytical testing at Lucideon, including inorganic and organic chemistry, microstructure and physical testing.

Specialising in the analysis and characterization of minerals and industrial minerals for commercial utilisation, Richard is extremely knowledgeable in the interpretation of analytical data using chemical analysis techniques.

Richard's experience and knowledge has led to the presentation of many seminars and conference papers worldwide.  Additionally, Richard has an extensive background as an expert witness and possesses a Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate.

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