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Dr. Christopher Lovell

Expertise in: Polymers; medical devices

Polymer Processing Engineer

Chris has a PhD in Polymer Physics and a MPhys in Physics from the University of Leeds. His PhD was through a collaboration with Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics.

Chris Lovell

During Chris' PhD he developed novel biomaterials for orthopaedic tissue repair and replacement. He is now undertaking accelerated research with Lucideon on formulation and compounding of novel hybrid biomaterials. His current research is focussed around the FP7 European Project, ReBioStent, which is being led by Lucideon.

Before joining Lucideon in January 2015 Chris worked in France on behalf of Essilor International optimising thermoforming procedures for functionalised, polymer-film based, ophthalmic lens coatings.

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