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Dr. Chris Pickles

Expertise in: Automotive; Polymers; Surfaces & Coatings

Principal Consultant and Capability Leader of Surface Science

Chris holds a Degree in Chemistry, a PhD in Polymer Science, and a Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Chris Pickles


Chris has been supplying surface analysis capabilities to the aerospace industry for over three years with particular emphasis on carbon reduction programmes involving composite developments, coating analysis and lubricant developments in relation to the introduction of biofuels.


Chris has worked in both the aftercare sector as a Company Technical Manager and in tier one supply chain manufacturing as Managing Director.

Chris has been responsible for the plastic injection moulding and blow moulding manufacture of automotive component systems including highly technical mouldings such as fuel tanks and 3D spoilers.  In addition Chris has also managed an integral supply chain utilising Toyota production system protocols.


During his career, Chris has spent four years researching copolymer design for bulk property manipulation and the statistical mechanics of PVC to determine conformational sequencing.  Chris's knowledge also encompasses plastics manufacturing, including injection moulding of glass-filled nylon and co-extrusion blow moulding of complex 3D components.

Surfaces and Coatings

In the field of surface science, Chris has conducted research projects on alternative material sources for surfactants and detergent product re-formulation.  These include the re-launch of a branded fabric washing product in Brazil and the design of a surfactant system utilising renewable resources.  As Technical Manager in the automotive aftercare industry he has managed the development and quality control of spray paints for high speed aerosol filling.

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