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Craig Donald

Expertise in: Organic Chemistry; Drug Discovery; Sterilization & Cleaning Validation; Project Management

Head of Chemistry - Technical Manager

Craig holds a first class BSc (Hons) Degree in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Glasgow. He is also Lean Sigma Blackbelt accredited.

Craig Donald

Craig joined Lucideon following a 19 year career with AstraZeneca where he worked primarily in Oncology and Cardiovascular research. More recently Craig has worked as an Associate Principal Scientist working on drug discovery projects and managing PhD level scientists from internal and external research teams.

He has also worked in the role of Innovation and Synthesis Improvement Leader which involved process improvement and driving and evaluating new innovative methods and technologies. Craig has authored over 20 peer reviewed publications, is the inventor on 5 patents and is a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist.

Craig’s role at Lucideon is to manage the expert chemistry development team and GMP facilities and to head up a variety of technical analytical projects. He is determined to help his team deliver the highest quality data and solutions to Lucideon’s clients.

Craig oversees the majority of our sterilization and cleaning validation work for medical devices.  His analytical and project based background, linked with his deep chemistry expertise, allows Craig and his team to offer validation support and consultancy for manufacturers looking to validate manufacturing and reprocessing sterilization and cleaning processes, often unique to each device.  This helps make Lucideon industry leaders in method development, built around our clients’ devices and their specific needs, including evaluating against worst case scenarios.

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