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Andrew Perry

Expertise in: Ceramics, Whitewares, Sanitaryware, Process Optimization, Product Development

Group Ceramic Processes Leader

Andrew has a BSc in Ceramic Technology from Staffordshire University and has worked in the Ceramics industry for the last 28 years, the last 10 of those as a Ceramist covering high volume production facilities in the UK and across Europe.

Andrew Perry

Andrew has worked with production teams on process optimization & improvement, along with many projects on loss reduction & yield improvement. In addition, he covered the technical areas & many associated material based cost reduction projects.

He has vast experience in improving the ceramic process, with improvements in stability & benchmarking allowing plants to perform at improved efficiencies. A recent project included the development of a new Sanitaryware body which was stronger than any other on the market, to allow a new range of thin products to be developed; this was delivered by Andrew.

Andrew has previously worked as Pre-Kiln production leader & Group Six Sigma – Process analysis & Improvement engineer.

The consultancy aspect of his role at Lucideon aims to help improve process performance, reduce waste (in all its forms) & help to develop improved & innovative products. Additionally he is working with the Lucideon CFPR material projects to help the teams achieve their full potential.

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