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Andrea Sansone

Expertise in: Advanced Ceramics and Engineering

Materials Scientist and Engineer

Andrea holds a Master's Degree in 'Materials Engineering and Biomaterials Applications' from the University of Trento and a BEng in mechanical engineering, awarded by the University of Ferrara.

Andrea Sansone

Andrea has previously worked at the University of Colorado at Boulder Activity where he worked as a Mechanical and Materials Engineer.  He specialized in the Research and Development of materials and component design.

Prior to that Andrea successfully completed an internship with Laboratorio Di Ceramurgia of University of Trento, working on the production of coatings for high temperature alloy substrates by thermo reactive diffusion.

From his time at the University of Colorado at Boulder, working with tile materials and advanced ceramics Andrea gained valuable experience in Flash Sintering.  At Lucideon he is combining his mechanical and materials skills to help with the design, research and development of Lucideon's innovative Flash Sintering technology and advanced ceramics research.

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