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Lucideon Solves Coating Challenge

The Challenge

Our client's coating manufacturing process was very time-consuming and contained materials that were difficult to handle in terms of health and safety.

They asked us to explore what alternatives would be suitable in terms of:

  • coating performance
  • suitability for substrate
  • scalability to manufacture
  • other benefits or drawbacks above and beyond current methodology.

What We Delivered

Our team identified a number of candidate material coating technologies - ceramic based alternatives to the existing 'plan of record'.

After understanding current product requirements, we put together an extensively researched technical report that included details of:

  • material composition and structure
  • manufacturing options
  • initial material cost estimates
  • general material sourcing
  • market information
  • perceived benefits or improvements to the current system.

Always thinking ahead, we also included a list of rejected technologies to ensure work didn’t have to be repeated at a later stage.

Substrate requirements for product operation influenced the coating technologies that we considered. We also had to separate commercially available technologies from those that we ourselves could develop, optimize and scale up.

Value to the Client

Armed with our independent review of all coating technologies suitable for the application, the client was able to make a decision on the best way forward for their product.

The next steps for us are:

  • source and performance test commercially available coatings against the client's defined criteria
  • process and material optimization
  • scale-up to prototype.

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the work we do, here at Lucideon. A lot of our clients think that we're just a test house but, while we do carry out a lot of testing and characterization across many industries, we do so much more than that - our Advanced Materials and Processes team can work with you to optimize your current products and processes and implement new disruptive technologies.

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