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Lucideon Helps Consumer Healthcare Manufacturer Understand Stability Inconsistency - Part 1

One of Lucideon's healthcare clients had encountered a change in the quality of one of their consumer products following the implementation of new equipment in a new processing line.

The Challenge

Following the modification to the manufacturing process, the client observed that their new batches of paste exhibited diminished performance stability under normal conditions of storage.  However, the client was unsure of what material factors led to the variation in product quality and how these related to the production process.

What We Delivered

Lucideon's experts were supplied with a range of fresh and aged samples to analyse, with batches coming from both the original and new processing lines.  To understand the behaviour of the pastes, and to assess the dependence of product performance on both processing route and aging conditions, rheology was used to quantify key parameters, such as yield-stress on start-up flow and structural changes during flow (thixotropy).  In addition to the rheology, analytical techniques including thermal analysis (DSC), analysis of phases (XRD, FTIR), particle size analysis (PSA) and particle distribution (optical microscopy) were applied to gain a more rounded understanding of the paste structure and phases within.

Value to the client

This series of studies provided vital insights to the client enabling their scientists and engineers to better understand how the structure, rheology and stability of their pastes were influenced by the manufacturing process and, further, helped them to define actions necessary to optimize their new processing equipment and ensure product performance.  As a follow-up piece of work to understand the critical factors of the process, and how exactly they affect the product performance, Lucideon performed a Factorial Experimental Design (FED) analysis.  To read more about the second phase of this project please click here.


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