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Aerospace & Defence

Materials Selection & Development for the Space Industry

Lucideon utilizes the latest technology and innovative thinking to identify, develop and qualify novel material processing and formulations that give you a competitive edge. Whether you are trying to put a CubeSat in low Earth orbit, land on the dark side of the moon, or land a person on Mars – Lucideon has the knowledge and equipment to identify the materials that will work best for your application.

Material Selection

The extreme environment and conditions that space components are subjected to require very specific properties. While the pool of available parts is smaller than that of say, commercial aviation, there are still many alloying options available. Which can make selecting the correct one for your application a daunting task. Sticking with what you know (i.e. materials you have used in the past) can result in compromise of key properties, and thus losing out on that all important competitive advantage. Worse still, when materials fail or underperform, the results can be catastrophic leading to delays in production or manufacturing. Lucideon’s experts will walk you through their customized material selection process which includes access to extensive material property databases and sector specific materials consultants.

We can help you with:

  • Down selecting of material groups using material indices in order to meet end use requirements
  • Identification of new materials to address product failure
  • Selection of specialized post-processing.

Material Development

Lucideon has extensive experience designing and developing new ceramic, polymer, and metal materials to meet end user applications. If your application requires properties that are beyond those which are currently available, we can work with your team to tweak an existing alloy or if preferred develop a new alloy from scratch. We will work collaboratively with your internal teams to identify a technology pathway and lay out a roadmap for implementation into your products.

We can help you with:

  • Assessing and troubleshooting weldability of modified or new metal alloys
  • Development of higher temperature composite materials for thermal barrier applications
  • Innovative methods of joining of dissimilar materials, such as Flash Sintering