Waste Stabilization through Glass Encapsulation

Through materials development and consultancy and thanks to our glass, ceramics and metals expertise, we are able to help clients develop new ways of immobilizing waste through vitrification and encapsulation. We can formulate and develop glass and ceramic host materials and scale up laboratory trials to full pilot scale trials.

Our extensive analytical capabilities allow us to provide comprehensive testing and characterization of materials.  In addition to testing to approved standards we also offer sector-specific and customized testing, such as leaching tests.

Our services include:

  • Formulation and development of glass and ceramic host materials
  • Material sample preparation (host materials and host plus simulants)
  • Pilot scale trials
  • Scale up from pilot plant to implementation/manufacturing

What makes us unique?:

  • We have dedicated materials experts in the areas of glass, ceramics, metals, polymers and composites
  • Our chemical and process engineers will work with you to implement materials and process developments into your facility
  • Our comprehensive analytical capabilities allow us to offer an integrated approach to testing and characterization
  • Our pilot scale facilities allow the installation of relevant larger scale developments
  • We have facilities both in the UK and the US.

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