MIDAR Technology

MIDAR is a revolutionary sustainable geopolymer technology that can be used to encapsulate low and intermediate level radioactive waste.

What is MIDAR?

MIDAR is Lucideon’s proprietary technology platform that uses a low temperature geopolymer chemical reaction to consolidate aluminosilicate or similar materials into a robust solid inorganic material with high strength and chemical stability. The resulting material can be used as an encapsulation and immobilization agent by incorporating a solid or liquid waste stream into the inorganic solid matrix that is formed during the reaction. The MIDAR geopolymerization process can be varied to accommodate different methods of forming: extrusion, moulding and casting.

Using MIDAR geopolymerization technology to encapsulate low and intermediate level waste offers the following benefits:

  • Low viscosity for increased waste incorporation
  • (no voids ensure very low leaching levels of radioactive chemical elements)
  • Lighter than current concrete mixes
  • Can lock isotopes into the matrix
  • Fire, frost, chemical, water and heat resistant
  • Controllable formulation and setting time
  • No firing required – reducing energy usage and carbon emissions
  • Can utilise waste raw materials to form the encapsulating matrix.

Lucideon has worked with Sellafield Ltd on an Innovate UK funded project to encapsulate intermediate level waste and in 2015 both companies were presented with an award by the Nuclear Institute for the innovation demonstrated by the project. Read more about this project in an article in Nuclear Engineering International here

In a separate trial, MIDAR demonstrated that it could be used to solidify quantities of radioactive water with the potential to make containment and disposal easier and safer.

Interested in exploring the suitability of applying MIDAR technology to your products, challenges and manufacturing processes? Contact our Raleigh, NC, USA office on 919-504-4900 or by email or our Stoke-on-Trent, UK office on 44 (0)1782 764428 or by by email

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