Services Portfolio - Dental

Custom R&D

Supported by state-of-the-art testing and analysis, our materials experts apply their many years of experience to performing research and development on your products, materials and processes.  Improved performance, new functionality and innovative developments help keep you ahead of the competition.

Cleaning & Sterilization Validation

Whether it’s single-use or reusable, your dental device needs to be clean and sterile for use.  Lucideon’s cleaning and sterilization validation service ensures your processes and reagents are suitable to effectively clean your devices.

Toughened Dental Ceramics

Dental implants need to be robust to withstand the relatively harsh mechanical and chemical conditions of the mouth.  Ceramic materials offer a strong, biocompatible and largely unreactive material making them popular for use in dental applications.  Lucideon’s sintering technology has allowed its experts to focus on toughening advanced ceramic materials for use in dental devices.

Manufacturing & Process Optimization

Every stage of manufacturing and processing can affect your final product and increase costs.  At Lucideon we have the expertise to optimize each stage to ensure you get your desired outcome and achieve the highest levels of efficiency throughout.

Composite/Adhesive Development

Our materials experts improve existing materials and work to develop the next innovative materials solutions.  From extending your product life and adherence properties, to developing novel and composite materials with additional functionality, we develop materials for the next generation of dental products.

Static & Fatigue Testing

Dental materials need to withstand a lot, from microbial and chemical attack to mechanical wear.  At Lucideon we can simulate the environments of the mouth and the typical mechanical movements (and non-typical for specialist products) to determine how your products will perform in-situ.

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