Published Articles Relating to Healthcare

Lucideon has published hundreds of articles over the years; a selection of recent articles in the public domain is featured on this page.

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2014
Cleanliness Issues Related to Processing of Additive Layer Manufactured Implants

Med-Tech Innovation, August 2014
Additive Manufacturing and Orthopedics

Med-Tech Innovation, May/June 2014
Cleaning Process Validation and Control

Med-Tech Innovation, Nov/Dec 2013, pg 10
Tribology of Orthopedic Implants

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2013, pg 33
Powders in Manufacturing

Med-Tech Innovation, July/Aug 2013, pg 36
Analysis of Coated Stents

Med-Tech Innovation, May/June 2013, pg 22
A Guide to Materials Testing

Med-Tech Innovation, Mar/Apr, pg 26
Coatings, Markings and Materials Troubleshooting

Med-Tech Innovation, Jan/Feb 2013, pg 28
Analysing Surfaces and Bulk Materials

Med-Tech Innovation, Nov/Dec 2012, pg 25
The Research and Development Process

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2012, pg 35
Inorganic Controlled Release Technology

EMDT, July/Aug 2012, pg 22
Developing Biomaterials for Sports-Related Bone Injuries

Med-Tech Innovation, June/July 2012, pg 28
Characterization of Hydroxyapatite

Med-Tech Innovation, May 2012, pg 24
Cleaning Process Validation

Med-Tech Innovation, Jan/Feb 2012, pg 26
Advances in Hydroxyapatite

Med-Tech Innovation, Nov/Dec 2011, pg 30
Evaluating the Changing Characteristics of Polymers

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2011, pg 24
Characterization of Cardiovascular Stents

Medical Device Developments, Vol 3 - pg 28
Bonus Material - Bioceramics and Bioglasses

EMDT, September 2011
New Frontiers in Orthopedic Product Design

Orthotec, July/August 2011, Volume 2, No. 3:
Advances in Man-Made Materials for Orthopedics

Med-Tech Innovation, May/June 2011
Drug-eluting Bioresorable Stents

Med-Tech Innovation, April 2011
New Materials for Orthopedics

Cleanroom Technology, March 2011:
Measuring material cleanliness

European Medical Device Technology, June 2010, Volume 1, No. 6:
The Role of Ceramic and Glass Powder Processing in Medical Devices

Cleanroom Technology, August 2010:
Clean and validated

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