Services Portfolio - Pharmaceutical

Formulation Development

Whether you need to reformulate to meet new regulations, keep up with market developments or to stay ahead, our reformulation service can help you maintain the qualities you want while giving you what you need in stability, mechanical, optical and chemical performance.  We help to develop your new formulations and methods and test for efficacy and safety.

Abuse Deterrence

Abuse of pharmaceutical products is a major issue, costing industry and governments vast amounts of money and causing serious sociological issues.  Our abuse deterrence platform offers a carrier that protects against abuse methods including: dissolution in most common household solvents, heating and mechanical tampering.

Drug Delivery Platforms

Our drug delivery platforms offer a solution for pharmaceutical actives that require controlled release, abuse deterrent properties and environmentally stimulated release.  Tailored to your needs, our technology is capable of loading even typically difficult-to-load actives.

Powder Processing

Whether powders are your final product or a part of your manufacturing process, having the right powder properties is crucial to product performance.  Our experts help you to optimize both powder properties and processing steps, and implement improved quality control to maintain your standards.

GMP Chemistry Method Development

When your methods require the highest standards, we are your perfect partner to develop them.  With vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry our GMP chemistry laboratories can develop QC methodologies for your products that are compliant for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

GMP Microbiology Sterility & Endotoxin Testing

Achieving an uncontaminated and true result in your microbiological and endotoxin testing is crucial to success.  In our tightly controlled GMP laboratories you can be sure of accurate results from your sterility and endotoxin testing.

Pharmacopeial Assays

Our pharmacopeial assay service offers qualitative assessments and quantitative measurements of target entities.  We can assay drugs or biochemicals for their presence, concentration and functionality.

Process & Manufacturing Optimization

Every stage of manufacturing and processing can affect your final product and increase costs.  At Lucideon, we have the expertise to optimize each stage to ensure you get your desired outcome and achieve the highest levels of efficiency throughout.

Stability Storage Testing

Stability of pharmaceuticals in storage is extremely important for maintaining their functionality.  At Lucideon we can test your products for storage in a range of humidity and temperature conditions.  We perform accelerated ageing to simulate how your products will perform over an extended period of time, so you get your results quickly and can go to market with confidence.

Extractables & Leachables

Extractables and leachables can pose a serious risk in pharmaceuticals.  When elements and compounds leach into your products, from packaging or manufacturing environments, they can render them unfit and even dangerous for use.  We test not only for what does leach but also for all potential extractables in your process and packaging, meaning you can test for and protect against them.

Product Characterization

In dental applications it is important to understand your materials, their composition, key properties and how they behave.  We provide the answers with qualitative and quantitative data and visuals to support a full understanding of your materials.Product CharacterizationExtractables & Leachables Formulation Development Drug Delivery Platforms Powder Processing Process & Manufacturing Optimization GMP Chemistry & Method Development Abuse Deterrence Stability Optimization Stability Storage Testing Pharmacopeial Assays