Failure Analysis

Lucideon helps to determine the root cause of failures in your pharmaceutical products and packaging and our materials expertise helps provide fast and effective solutions.  We solve failures during and post manufacture to help ensure your customer’s safety.

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Lucideon’s testing capabilities allow expert analysis for product contamination and packaging failures.

Contamination analysis - contamination of pharmaceutical products or drug delivery devices can have serious consequences and staining can be dangerous and aesthetically displeasing. At Lucideon we use a combination of techniques to:

  • Identify the chemical composition of contaminants and stains
  • Fingerprint suspect materials
  • Investigate issues in your manufacturing processes to identify the root cause of contamination.

Packaging failure analysis - packaging of pharmaceutical products is vital to ensure that they are fit for purpose when they reach their final destination.  Our experts can help you to identify and solve:

  • Delamination and disbondment
  • Migration and leaching of packaging into the pharmaceutical product
  • Printing failures
  • Stains and contamination.

Lucideon’s specially developed LVGA (Low Volume Gas Analysis) technique is used to identify gases, vapours and residues in packaging.  This helps to ensure your gas flush systems are working correctly and leaving your product and processes contaminant free.

Some of the issues our failure analysis team has helped our partners to resolve include:

  • Staining on pharmaceutical ovule blister packaging material
  • Spot defects that have migrated into metallized pharmaceutical packaging film
  • Heat seal strength reduction on drug foil packaging
  • Issues with variable adhesion of X film bonding to glass beads
  • Loss of potency of a veterinary drug
  • Presence of brown spots on antibiotic tablets.

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