Inorganic Controlled Release Technology (iCRT)

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Why aren’t you making progress with your current drug delivery pipeline? If it’s because the delivery technology you are using doesn’t provide the right profile, then maybe that’s because you are using the wrong material.

Time to try something different?

Using decades of experience in manipulating inorganic materials our experts have created a series of platform silica drug delivery technologies for oral formulation.

We don't take a "one size fits all" approach however – we take your molecule and your challenge and apply our knowledge of materials to design the appropriate formulation, based on the fundamentals of the platform. Sometimes it can be as subtle as tweaking the temperature of a particular processing step; the smallest change can make a massive difference to the end-performance, and our expert scientists and engineers understand when and how to make those changes. We also ensure that the feasibility process is fast and efficient; if a prototype can be found that uses the platform, we will identify it quickly.

At Lucideon, we're not interested in following the crowd and making me-too products. Take for granted that we can deliver drugs over hours or days, even weeks and months but that’s not what we are here for.  If you have a challenge, and want to look at a problem from a different angle, then come and talk to us - who knows what we might come up with…

How we work:

  • You tell us what you are trying to achieve and why – both strategically as a business and specifically for that product
  • We hold an innovation session internally to brainstorm ideas and form some options, selecting the most experienced scientists in the application to work on the project
  • We discuss those technology options with you, highlighting pros and cons and gaining feedback on which are most relevant to your need
  • We perform a feasibility study to prove the platform is viable
  • Lucideon works with you from start to finish to implement the new technology and process into your product portfolio – starting with development scientists to design the prototype, then transferring the technology to the chemical engineers to scale up the process, and finally to process engineers to implement it into your manufacturing line – we know what you need to do to make our technology work!
  • … and then we start on the next one!

Some fundamental benefits of the technology:

  • Green manufacturing process
  • No polymers – differentiate your product and gain technical advantage through better control
  • Scalable (made on >100 ton batches already)
  • Versatility in delivery i.e. through powder processing, numerous physical forms are possible e.g. powder, film, suspension = better patient adherence
  • Drug release can be triggered (or inhibited) by different stimuli e.g. pH, shear, moisture, temperature, etc.
  • Drug release controlled by numerous factors interlinking e.g. porosity, chemistry, solubility, density
  • Molecular dispersion of drug possible through porous network
  • Biologically inert material platform - confirmed safe by independent pharmaceutical toxicologist.

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