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Lucideon’s technologies and expertise can help you to market superior and differentiated medical devices.

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Our technologies include:

  • Bioactive glasses/ceramics
    • mxHA – bone/tooth replacement, repair and drug delivery applications with enhanced biocompatibility and bioactivity
    • iCRT – controlled release technology for delivery of key actives including drugs and inorganic ions e.g. Ca, Ag
    • Glass technologies – manipulate glasses via novel manufacturing processes and compositions to deliver the chemical and physical properties that your product needs e.g. solubility, porosity, strength.
  • Bioresorbable polymers – an example project is ReBioStent, aimed to develop biodegradable stents with superior mechanical properties by developing novel polymer chemistries
  • Composites – develop and optimize composite processing technologies, including materials selection to tailor mechanical properties and biodegradation rate
  • Ceramic innovation – we can help to develop tougher ceramic products using our Flash Sintering technology, which also reduces energy consumption
  • Controlling powders in suspension – optimizing processes to avoid agglomeration, enable foaming, and create formulations with strong cohesion
  • Antimicrobial materials – we use our ability to create novel materials to add functionality to your product, by incorporating antimicrobial ions inherently into the chemistry of the material, using both polymers and ceramics
  • Additive Layer Manufacturing – we provide consultancy, evaluation testing and cleaning validation of your ALM products
  • Pilot Scale Processing capabilities –we create technology partnerships with our clients and have our own specialist glass labs with pilot scale facilities to develop and produce novel glass materials and improve on existing products.

Why choose Lucideon?

  • Our experts are leaders in their field
  • We have state-of-the-art testing, analytical and characterization facilities
  • Committed to investing in the latest equipment
  • We believe in technology partnerships - working with our clients to develop new products and processes and improve existing ones
  • Experts from a wide variety of industries – we have the knowledge and expertise to apply our technologies to sectors outside of the original target application.

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