Services Portfolio - Wound & Tissue Repair

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Controlled Release Technologies

The next generation of wound care will offer greater antimicrobial and tissue repairing activity.  We have the technologies to control the release of key actives, making delivery more efficient and reducing the number of reapplications required.

Bioactive Materials

With added functionality, bioactive materials can help to speed the healing process, improve integration of materials with the body, and decrease adverse events, all making wound care more effective and increasing patient comfort.

Rheology & Powder Processing

Whether powders are your final product or a part of your manufacturing process, having the right powder properties is crucial to your product performance.  Our experts can help you to optimize both powder properties and processing steps, and implement improved quality control to maintain your standards.

Product Claim Support

If you’re looking to prove the performance of your product then non-standard testing may be required, especially if your product offers a novel solution.  We can develop and validate your methods to help you substantiate your product claims, both visually and quantitatively.

Surface Imaging & Analysis

The surface of a material is a crucial part of its makeup, giving it functionality, performance properties, texture and aesthetics.  Lucideon’s surface science team provides quantitative and qualitative surface analysis, producing scientific conclusions and support that’s both visual and backed by detailed data and analysis.

Mechanical Testing

Any materials used in wound care must have adequate strength and mechanical performance in application.  If they were to break then there is the potential for serious harm to recovering patients.  Our mechanical testing service assesses the performance of your materials, replicating the strains they will undergo in application, to prove they’re fit for purpose.  In addition, the services can help to prove your product meets the mechanical property requirements to pass regulations.

Antimicrobial Technologies

Wounds are high risk areas for infection and must be sterilized and kept clean.  Antimicrobial technologies will play a big part in future wound care materials to help reduce the risk of infections and the dependence on antibiotics (prevention over cure).  We offer R&D and consultancy support to those developing their own technologies, or offer our own technologies expertise to allow you to utilize our own in-house antimicrobial technology solutions.

Material Characterization

In wound care applications it is important to understand your materials, their composition, key properties and how they behave.  At Lucideon we provide the answers with qualitative, quantitative and visual data to support a full understanding of your materials.