Reflectance Standards for the Healthcare Industry

Consistency, reliability and accuracy of medical diagnostic instruments, that use reflected light to detect change in a sensitive test patch/strip, is vital for any manufacturer.  At Lucideon we can help you to maintain control of your instrument’s performance by supplying permanent reflectance standards that can be routinely used to calibrate and check your instruments before each use.

We also provide customized colour standards for colour control systems for materials, powders and products, such as dental resins, powders in storage and test strips.

If you want to:

  • Develop a quality assurance program
  • Ensure instrument consistency and performance
  • Supply customized reflectance standards with your instruments
  • Satisfy and validate in-house quality control protocols
  • Ensure your materials, powders and products are of a consistent colour
  • Receive regulatory approval
  • Review your testing regimes and close any gaps for regulatory approval.

Then Lucideon can provide high quality, customized reflectance standards in easy-to-use sizes that suit your instruments.

What makes our Standards different from those of other suppliers?

  • Our standards are produced using leading-edge ceramic technology
  • They are stable and do not change over time
  • Unlike printed Standards, they are durable
  • They are not susceptible to surface contamination, unlike other standards.
  • They are non-fluorescent
  • They are easy to use and handle
  • We can offer customized reflectance standards with customised reflectances at wavelengths that suit your application
  • We offer a range of sizes - from 5 x 5mm to 100 x 100mm to meet your instruments’ QC needs.

Lucideon is an independent UKAS accredited and trusted Calibration house (No. 0420), so you can be sure that the reflectance data that we provide to you is accurate and reliable.

Our Standards have been used in many industries for over 30 years and our highly qualified and experienced technical staff use transparent, traceable, calibrated techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

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