Webinar: Product Claim Support for Medical Devices - A Materials Perspective

We will be running this webinar at a date to be advised in early 2017.  

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With increasing pressure from both regulatory agencies and competitors, product claim support is essential in ensuring successful launch and differentiation of your medical devices.

In this webinar, we will explore the use of advanced materials analyses for product claim support of medical devices, which ultimately can help to differentiate your medical devices and the procedures with which they are used.

The webinar will be hosted by Greg Catlin, Mechanical Testing Specialist, and Dr Chris Pickles, Surface Science Consultant, who will discuss the use of both mechanical- and chemistry- based surface evaluation techniques for advanced materials characterization and claim support.

Specifically, Greg Catlin will discuss the use of Digital Image Correlation, i.e. 3DStrain, in differentiating your products. An overview of 3DStrain technology will be provided, and a series of case examples will be discussed. Similarly, Chris Pickles will discuss the use of surface science techniques, e.g. ToF-SIMS, XPS, and WLI. Case studies and topics may include:

  • Proving Superior Material Performance in Implant Constructs;
  • Validating and Substantiating Instrument Design Changes for Improved Surgical Performance;
  • Using 3DStrain/Surface Science to Produce Scientific, Evidence-Based Visual Marketing;

Who Should Register?

  • Medical Device OEMs
    • Management Teams
    • R&D Teams
    • Marketing Teams.

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