Orthopedic Implant Wear and Fatigue Testing

If you want a cost effective and comprehensive wear testing service from a reliable, ISO-17025 accredited supplier, then Lucideon has the facilities and expertise to meet your needs. Our engineers have years of experience in the field and use the latest generation, gold-standard simulators to provide wear testing of hips, knees and extremities.  Outsourcing of wear testing avoids overstretching or waiting for internal capacity, reducing delays to new product developments.

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You will also gain a further understanding of the tribological properties of your product through our supporting analytical expertise in surface evaluation, materials characterization, and failure, debris and wear pattern analysis.

Lucideon also has a collaborative partnership with Knight Mechanical Testing (KMT), helping us to provide the most comprehensive service for you by adding further mechanical testing capabilities to our portfolio.

Lucideon and KMT will act as one supplier meaning that you:

  • are guaranteed the best price and service from both organizations
  • save time by dealing with fewer contacts
  • streamline your process by outsourcing to one supplier
  • receive a prompt, efficient and quality service
  • work with only ISO 17025 quality accredited laboratories
  • benefit from a full range of supporting analytical and manufacturing services
  • form a relationship with our experts, helping to optimize your product and materials
  • can expect complete solutions, not just data.

Lucideon and KMT are ISO 17025 accredited. We test new devices for regulatory submissions and to evaluate the performance of existing products. We work to universally accepted ISO and ASTM standards, but we can also help you to develop test methods where standards are not yet available.

By using Lucideon as an extension of your team you can work with us to develop your personal, comprehensive testing package incorporating the correct methodologies.  Some of the standards we perform include:

  • Simulated wear and impingement wear testing, including fixture design and machining to ISO 14242 (hip), ISO 14243 (knee) and ASTM F2582-14 (impingement)
  • Fatigue and mechanical testing of hip, knee, shoulder and ankle implants
  • Debris analysis to ISO 17853 and ASTM F1877
  • Surface roughness.

You'll benefit from the knowledge of our analytical experts and our expertise in ceramics, metals, polymers and composites. Lucideon also offers analysis for surgical instruments/tools, failure analysis, materials characterization and surface analysis - including articulating surfaces - using specialized surface topography and chemistry techniques.

We also have a representative in Asia, the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre. They can be contacted on Tel: +852 2666 1888, Email : hkstc@hkstc.org

STC Medical Device Services

It is indeed our privilege to witness the advancement of our partnership with Lucideon in providing regulatory support, material analysis, product classification, testing, registration and licensing of joint medical devices.

STC are presently providing comprehensive biocompatibility assessments in accordance with requirements mandated by different regulatory bodies, including; in-vitro cytotoxicity, skin sensitization, irritation and acute toxicity etc.  In collaboration with Lucideon, we are able to provide a one-stop medical device service.

STC has always been a reliable partner, providing solutions, clearing obstacles ahead and granting your products corresponding approvals in the competitive worldwide market.

To find out more about the services that Lucideon can offer via STC please visit the STC website (in English) or (in Chinese).

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