Accelerated Aging of UHMWPE Orthopedic Implant Components

As an extension to our comprehensive wear and fatigue testing services we now offer accelerated aging of UHMWPE polymer orthopedic implants, according to ASTM F2003.

This testing is performed to support FDA and regulatory submissions, as well as R&D programs on new polymer materials.

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The treatment simulates and accelerates the effects of real life oxidation on polymer components via raised temperature and oxygen pressures.  As the oxidation may affect the mechanical performance of implants and devices, the accelerated aging testing is typically performed in advance of additional mechanical wear testing, simulating a worse-case scenario for evaluation.

In addition to conventional polymers, advanced UHMWPE components, such as Vitamin E stabilized UHMWPE components, can be treated.

Typical applications include aging of acetabular liners in advance of total hip joint wear testing (ISO 14242) and impingement testing (ASTM F2582), and aging of tibial inserts in advance of total knee joint wear testing (ISO 14243).  

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