Materials and Surface Characterization

Lucideon offers a wide range of analysis services for your medical devices.  Our experienced analysts will provide you with in-depth results and expert interpretation of the data we generate, to help with your materials characterization.  Where solutions are required we work closely with you to improve your materials and coatings, and often develop tailored experimental methods to make sure you get the information you need.

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» The Use of Imaging for Claims Support

We can help you:

  • troubleshoot problems
  • defend product claims
  • reverse engineer competitor products
  • develop and validate new products and processes
  • meet regulatory requirements for new materials and coatings
  • develop new test methods

We offer testing and consultancy services, working alongside your manufacturing or research and development teams to take a closer look at your materials:

  • understand and resolve surface/coating failure or wear
  • gain insight about surface/interface interactions
  • improve or validate your material surface or coating
  • visualise the surface structure or coating
  • study the elemental and molecular structure of your material’s surface
  • select the right material for your application
  • perform quality control of products and processes
  • perform storage stability, shelf life testing and accelerated ageing studies
  • perform extractables testing
  • evaluate degradation products caused by chemical and thermal ageing

Our laboratories have the latest technology and offer a wide range of chemical, microbiological, microstructural, physical and thermal testing services.  Lucideon’s surface and materials experts offer fast, reliable and insightful results.

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    Inorganic Powders in Dentistry

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    The Use of Imaging for Claim Support in the Healthcare Industry

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    The Applications of Digital Image Correlation Technology in Healthcare

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