Additive Manufacturing

A lot of attention is being drawn to the “revolution” that additive manufacturing will bring to your industry. Yes, there is a lot of potential – but there are also a lot of challenges. Having seen these challenges early on, we can help you to understand what is happening and why – and we can also try to prevent some of the problems before they happen.

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We can help you from the start of your project, by characterizing and optimizing your starting powder material, and then working alongside you during product design to really understand the impact of the new process.

As materials experts, we care about what is going on at the microstructural level, as well as the component level. Some of the projects we have worked on include:

  • Starting powder characteristics (size, flow, composition) and the impact on the AM process
  • Cleanliness of AM parts and how to design a cleaning protocol that is effective and satisfies the regulatory bodies
  • Which quality control measures are really important for AM products vs. traditional processing routes
  • How does AM affect the microstructure of your products, how much does this influence its mechanical properties and fatigue strength, and how can it be improved?
  • Residual debris within your porous structure – is it important and how can you remove it?

We work with the raw materials suppliers and the additive manufacturing companies themselves, as well as the OEMs and product manufacturers, you can be confident that, across the supply chain, Lucideon will take a rounded view and deliver the support you need, for you and your customers.

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