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Lucideon’s experts develop technologies for use with our partners in the consumer healthcare, personal care and homecare sector. With our technologies you can differentiate and improve your offering and bring novel products to the market.

Our expertise and novel materials can help you:

  • Add or improve optical features
  • Transform physical properties e.g. porosity, state
  • Change reactivity e.g. solubility, stability in different environments / solvents
  • Develop controlled release features for your product
  • Add functionality e.g. antimicrobial, bioactivity, surface chemistry.


Our novel inorganic controlled release delivery platform (iCRT) can deliver active ingredients in a highly targeted manner with several advantages including tamper-resistance. 
Using iCRT we have worked with our partners to optimize products that deliver:

  • Bioactivity to oral care products
  • Desensitizing additives
  • Encapsulation of harsh actives (e.g. bleach) until triggers stimulate release
  • Improved stability of whitening agents to sunscreens
  • Fast dissolution of solid films releasing active ingredients and select ions.

All of our materials are GRAS and, if soluble, will dissolve into biocompatible ions, unless otherwise agreed with the client beforehand.

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