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The surface of a material is a crucial part of its makeup, giving it functionality, performance properties, texture and aesthetics.  Lucideon’s surface science team provides quantitative and qualitative surface analysis, producing scientific conclusions and support that’s both visual and backed by detailed data and analysis.

Materials & Process Development

We use the latest technology and innovative thinking to identify and develop novel material formulations that give you the competitive edge, from increasing bioactivity to controlling the release of active ingredients.  We also identify key parameters and optimize processes to streamline your operations and make them more efficient, saving time and resources.

Efficacy Testing

At Lucideon we offer efficacy testing to quantitatively determine how effective your preservative or anti-microbial products are.  Products under repeated use where containers are repeatedly opened and exposed to microbials are good examples of where efficacy testing is of benefit.

Powder Processing

Whether powders are your final product or a part of your manufacturing process, having the right powder properties is crucial to your product performance.  Our experts can help you to optimize both powder properties and processing steps, and implement improved quality control to maintain your standards.

Packaging Analysis

From testing for extractables and leachables, to analysing failures, our testing and analysis capabilities can ensure your packaging is robust, safe and maintains its function.  Whether your packaging offers a long shelf life, anti-microbial properties or protection against extreme conditions, we can test to ensure that it is fit for purpose.


Whether you need to reformulate to meet new regulations, keep up with market developments or to stay ahead of the competition, our reformulation service can help you maintain the qualities you want while giving you the added benefits you need in stability, mechanical, optical and chemical performance.  We can help to develop your new formulations and methods, and test for efficacy and safety.

GMP Analytical Services

When precision and high quality is required, our GMP laboratories offer a wide range of analytical tests carried out in tightly controlled and monitored environments that meet GMP standards.  If your samples are sensitive and contamination is an issue our GMP labs can produce the measurements you need in a clean environment.

Stability Optimization

At Lucideon, we help you understand any instabilities your product may have, investigate reformulation options and work with you to design new products with a better shelf-life.  We perform troubleshooting, offer consultancy, and design experimental studies to investigate and enhance your product stability.

Custom Method Development

We develop custom methods that prove your product’s function, performance and properties to satisfy you, and regulators, that your product is fit for purpose.  Moreover, the results produced through these custom methods can help to market the benefits your products provide compared to your competitors.

Encapsulation & Delivery

Our controlled release and encapsulation technologies are able to load even poorly soluble actives into carriers that can be modified to control release rates and react, or remain unreactive, to environmental stimuli.  Our technologies can control the release time of fragrances or active ingredients, for example in deodorants, to prolong the effect of your products.  In addition to release, our technologies can work to protect actives from manufacturing or in-use environments.

Microbead Alternatives

With regulation changes and increasing consumer pressure, consumer care manufacturers need to remove plastic microbeads from their products.  Lucideon’s microbead alternative technology offers a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.  In addition, the alternative technology provides a flexible platform to enhance the functionality of your microbeads and microbead applications.