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» The Use of Imaging for Claims Support

Substantiating product claims is critical in the competitive oral care products market. Proving to your customers, with scientific data, that your marketing claims are true instills confidence in both your products and your brand.

We have state-of-the-art analytical capabilities and a world-leading surface science facility that our experts use to provide independent data and images to back up your oral care product claims, and gain insights into your product’s properties.

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Our product claim substantiation service for oral care products includes:

  • Development of new test methods to simulate in vivo conditions e.g. acid attack, brushing
  • Enabling tracking of actives into substrates of the same chemistry (e.g. calcium into enamel)
  • 3D Imaging of your product at work - a strong marketing tool for packaging and advertising to consumers and surgeons
  • Quantitative, scientific evidence for product claims.

Examples of past projects:

  • Visualising and quantifying the extent of remineralization of tooth enamel after treatment
  • Visualising and quantifying the penetration of whitening agents into the teeth, and their residence time
  • Visualising and quantifying the ingress of food debris into denture pastes/sealants.

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