Hair Care Product Testing

Differentiating your hair care products can be difficult which is why Lucideon provides testing and analysis to prove product efficacy, safety and substantiate your product claims.

It is important for customer safety and satisfaction that hair care products are safe and meet regulatory standards. Our experts can provide you with the knowledge and scientific evidence to understand how your products will perform, and help you prepare for regulatory submission.

At Lucideon we test to national and international standards using approved methods. When standards are not available our experts develop bespoke methods for your products to ensure quality and consistency in production. Our testing and analytical offerings provide crucial data which can be used to improve current products and develop future hair care solutions.

Hair Care Products Claim Support

To help differentiate your hair care product we provide product claim substantiation testing so that you can scientifically prove that your product performs as you say it does. This is a valuable asset for your advertising and packaging claims and instils consumer confidence.

Mapping distribution of actives on human hair

For example, using our surface analysis capabilities we can help you to image, map and quantify the deposition of your actives onto the hair surface - a powerful marketing tool but also one to help guide product development.

For actives that are difficult to distinguish from the hair proteins, we have devised labelling to characterize what has deposited or penetrated into the hair as a result of your treatment.

When trying to repair damaged hair, we can help you to show that the roughness of the fibres is changing, along with the thickness and mechanical properties of the hair. Having the full picture makes sure that you really are improving the performance, without sacrificing something else.

Some of the hair care products we work with include:

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Gels
  • Fragrances
  • Sprays.

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