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Lucideon offers a range of consultancy and testing services to ensure your healthcare and homecare products meet the demands of the consumer market.

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» The Use of Imaging for Claims Support

From toothpaste, shampoo, moisturizers and deodorant to polish and bleach we offer:

  • materials development and formulation
  • compositional analysis
  • performance and product claim support testing
  • competitor product analysis
  • packaging failure analysis.

Materials Development

Using our materials expertise we help you to enhance both the performance of your consumer products and of the processes you use so that you stay ahead of your competitors. In addition to consumer products’ materials characterization, we use the latest analytical techniques to identify and develop novel material formulations, with healthcare applications, that give you the competitive edge, including:

  • increasing bioactivity
  • extending shelf life
  • controlling the release of active ingredients.

Testing & Analysis

Through our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories we offer full materials and consumer products testing to international and industry standards for performance, quality control, conformity, identification, cleanliness validation, product marketing, regulatory approval and failure analysis of your personal care and home care products.

Product Claim Support

Independent testing to validate product claims is a vital part of the personal care and household care industries and we have developed numerous methods to quantitatively and scientifically support your claims. At Lucideon, we pride ourselves on the quality of the testing and scientific evidence we provide to ensure your oral care, skin care and hair care product claims are substantiated.

Method Development

Lucideon offers unique method development to find solutions to your problems when conventional testing and analysis can’t. We develop methods specific for your needs and outline the parameters and quality controls to allow you to implement the method quickly and efficiently into your existing or new process.

Packaging Failure Analysis

When packaging fails, there can be great costs in terms of time, money and consumer confidence. At Lucideon, we work quickly and effectively to understand failures and provide real, working solutions, so that your personal care and home care products packaging is the best it can be.

Technology Innovations

Lucideon's in-house consumer products healthcare technologies are developed by our materials experts and offered to our partners as a means to help you develop the latest, innovative products.  

» Please visit our dedicated Healthcare Materials Technologies website to find out how we can help you

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