Consultancy Services

Our experts will help you to address your most challenging developments, processes and failures. 

The global Lucideon network is comprised of materials experts with real-life manufacturing experience throughout a wide variety of industries, materials and processing techniques. 

We are able to provide on-site consultation and inspection services to help guide your investigations and develop resolution paths.

Our key services for the energy industries include:

Fuel cell development

We offer materials development, powder composition and morphology, cross-section examinations, ceramics processing improvements and sintering studies, density characterizations and interface assessments.


Our services include characterization of composition, uniformity, homogeneity, porosity, microstructure, diffusion and bonding.

Failure investigations

We are experts in metallic material failures, stator bar insulation failures, total generator failures, and petrographic analysis of concrete support and containment structures.

Materials selection

If you are working on product developmnt or developing tighter supplier material specifications, we can help you to select the right materials for the job.

Materials development

We can work with you to create novel materials and material combinations to develop your next generation of products.

Process optimization

We can validate and optimize forming techniques, joining techniques and cleanliness.

Additive manufacturing support

From selecting and characterizing raw powders to material characterization of printed parts, our energy experts can help.

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