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Condition Surveys Compliance with Building Regulations Installation and Fabrication Trials On-Site Testing Safety Aspects Laboratory Testing Maintenance Assessments Benchmarking

Compliance with Building Regulations and Standards

All new construction projects need to comply with current building regulations.  This requires the verification of both standard and non-standard building designs with respect to current standards, European approvals or customized test programs.  Our third party, independent verification will aid sign off from building control and guarantee companies.

Laboratory Testing

Individual structural components or full scale mock-ups/simulations can be tested in our laboratories to ensure their fitness for structural and durability performance.  This ensures that non-standard and standard systems are fit for use in the environment they are intended to be used in.

On-Site Testing

In addition to laboratory testing, which shows that a system or solution can satisfy the design criteria, we also perform on-site testing.  This is critical to verify installation workmanship and prove on-site performance in unknown construction types, particularly in relation to change of use.

Condition Surveys

Condition surveys are necessary to monitor and flag up any problems with the structural, aesthetic or durability integrity of a building throughout its life.  These may be required in order to program in maintenance or repair works, to help maintain the building within the available budget.

Maintenance Assessments

Many installations have a requirement for maintenance schedules in order to uphold the manufacturer or installer guarantees, or to ensure that the building is working efficiently as a safe and economic environment.

Safety Aspects

Although standards and building regulations ensure certain levels of performance for systems or products used in construction, long-term use or poor installation can have a detrimental effect on performance.  We provide surveys and testing programs to ensure live buildings are still safe for public use.  These programs can include slip/skid of floors, balustrade stability, cladding integrity and structural connections assessments.


Material properties and characteristics can be benchmarked to allow generic products to be used to optimize the use of energy, time or materials.  This allows a broader range of products to be sourced with no fear of reduced performance and hence provides a more cost-effective approach to sourcing and buying.

Installation and Fabrication Trials

At Lucideon, we can verify installation and fabrication processes, and develop alternative techniques to optimize the use of energy, time or materials.  These can be carried out at the manufacturing point, in a controlled laboratory environment mock-up facility, or at a real site installation.