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From new buildings and refurbishment projects to infrastructure, at Lucideon we have many years of experience in both testing structures and in providing consultancy.

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» Offsite Construction: The Relevance of Full Scale Testing
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Structural testing is an integral part of the modern construction industry, whether it be proving individual components or materials are fit for purpose or testing novel or existing structures on-site.

We are unique in having a purpose-built structural testing laboratory that can test structures up to three stories high. At Lucideon though, we do much more than just testing - we work with manufacturers, designers, consulting engineers, contractors and building owners to provide solutions to any structural problems.


  • Walling systems
  • Flooring systems
  • Render/cladding systems
  • Building structures
  • Roofing systems
  • Balustrades
  • Crowd restraints/guard rails
  • Architectural ironmongery
  • Doors
  • Raised access flooring
  • Facades
  • Asbestos
  • Precast concrete masonry units
  • Highway/motorway bridges
  • Buildings and infrastructure - new and refurb projects
  • Civil engineering structures.


Structural testing can be to established standards to demonstrate adequate performance or may be more customized for new products during development or for certification prior to product launch. Full size structures may require testing in a design by test situation or in the development of novel designs or to demonstrate that an existing building can continue to meet modern standards after a change of use.


We often work with clients on consultancy projects - from devising a test method for a novel building product to devising experimental programmes to support real design situations, for example, proving that a building is fit for change of use.

Our construction experts have many years of experience of working with manufacturers and structural engineers to provide quick and cost-effective solutions.

Lucideon is a Notified Body (NB 1289) under the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011 for the assessment and verification of construction products. Lucideon maintains impartial procedures for all work performed as a Notified Body to safeguard its independence.

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  • White paper

    The Use of Digital Image Correlation in Masonry Research

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  • White paper

    Offsite Construction: The Relevance of Full Scale Testing

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  • White paper

    Digital Image Correlation for Construction

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  • White paper

    Cost-Effective Design using Construction Test Methods

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  • Report

    Flood Resilient Construction

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  • Guidance Document

    Design Guide for Masonry Reinforced by Bond Beams and Columns to Resist Lateral Load

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  • Guidance Document

    Technical Report and Design Guidance for the Use of Porotherm Blocks in the UK

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